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Core Individual Members:

Nancy Burkeprofile

Nancy Burke

I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology, History and Social Medicine. I have conducted research in Cuba and the U.S. on social and cultural processes associated with chronic disease management and cancer prevention, treatment and survivorship. My research program addresses subjectivity, bioethics, and culture. Over the last eight years I have worked in partnership with the Philipino Senior Resource Center on studies of Filipina breast cancer support disparities and peer navigation. I am currently principal investigator of a study of information disparities and cancer clinical trial recruitment in safety net hospitals.
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Jamie Changmember profile

Jamie Chang

I am an Assistant Professor of Public Health at Santa Clara University. I conduct research on homelessness and drug/alcohol use, focusing on structural and environmental factors that shape these experiences. I am leading a multi-method mapping project to track and analyze the increasing number of people who are homeless and dying in Santa Clara County (the unhoused death dashboard). I am interested in ways structural racism and processes of exclusion shape API health, particularly substance use and housing. In the past I have led projects characterizing API health disparities at the neighborhood level in San Francisco, and examining API experiences in drug and alcohol treatment.
Affiliated websites: Santa Clara University Public Health Program

Jyu-Lin Chenprofile

Jyu-Lin Chen

I am an Associate Professor in the UCSF School of Nursing. My program of research focuses on the impact of familial factors on Chinese and Chinese-American children’s health, with an emphasis on obesity in children. My research utilizes child-centered and family-oriented methods from a bio-behavioral model. I have developed several intervention programs for improving healthy lifestyle and preventing childhood obesity in community settings and primary care settings.
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Yoshimi Fukuokaprofile
Yoshimi Fukuoka

I am an Associate Professor in the UCSF School of Nursing. My research program focuses on primary and secondary prevention of heart disease in adults, particularly in women and ethnic/racial minorities.
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Gordon Fungprofile
Gordon Fung

I am a Professor of Medicine in the UCSF School of Medicine. In addition to an active clinical practice in cardiology, I am medical director of the UCSF Asian Heart & Vascular Center.
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Elaine Hsiehprofile
Elaine Hsieh

I am a Lecturer in the Department of Nutrition and Public Health at the University of Saint Joseph, and a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. I am involved in creating an integrative nutritional counseling guide and curriculum for Chinese Americans with type 2 diabetes. I am especially interested in providing culture-centered nutrition counseling and education for the underserved Asian American population.
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Arti Shahmember profile

Jane Jih

I am an Assistant Adjunct Professor of Medicine in the Division of General Internal Medicine at UCSF.  My research focuses on preventing and managing obesity-related chronic diseases in minority and immigrant populations, particularly among Asian Americans.  My work aims to address modifiable risk factors for obesity-related diseases such as dietary habits and physical activity and to explore how immigration, language, culture and communication impact these behaviors.
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Galen Joshepprofile

Galen Joseph

I am the Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology, History and Social Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco where I am also a member of the Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center. My research, at the intersection of medical anthropology and public health, investigates the socio-cultural and institutional dimensions of inequities in cancer care. My research focuses specifically on clinical practices and social implications of breast cancer genetics among economically and ethnically diverse women, and recruitment to cancer clinical trials among vulnerable populations.
Affiliated website:

Leah Karlinerprofile

Alka Kanaya

I am a Professor of Medicine, Epidemiology & Biostatistics at UCSF, where I see patients in General Medicine practice, teach and mentor residents and fellows, and conduct patient-centered clinical research in the prevention of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease specifically focusing on Asian American populations. I am the Principal Investigator for the MASALA (Mediators of Atherosclerosis in South Asians Living in America) study.
Affiliated websites: Mediators of Atherosclerosis in South Asian Living in America


Leah Karlinerprofile

Leah Karliner

I am an Associate Professor of Medicine in the UCSF School of Medicine. I am committed to understanding how best to provide quality medical care across language barriers, including increasing access to professional interpreter services, and improving communication in the course of breast cancer care. I currently have an R01 from the National Institute on Aging to examine a systems intervention approach to increasing access to professional interpreters for elderly Chinese and Spanish speaking patients in the hospital.
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Mandana Khaliliprofile
Mandana Khalili

I am a Professor of Medicine in the UCSF School of Medicine and Chief of Hepatology at San Francisco General Hospital. My research focuses on viral hepatitis B and C.
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Anthony Kimprofile
Anthony Kim

I am an Assistant Professor of Neurology in the UCSF School of Medicine and the Medical Director of the UCSF Stroke Center.
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Mai-Nhung Leprofile
Mai-Nhung Le

I am a Professor and Chair of the Asian American Studies Department at San Francisco State University. My research focuses on social, cultural, and structural influences on health. My research has contributed to our understanding of how culture, ethnicity, and social class impact the health of Asians and Asian Americans. I have published and presented extensively on issues related to Asian Americans and HIV/AIDS, and cancer, particularly on cancer survivorship. I have worked with and served as an advisory board member addressing the impact of ethnicity on health and health equity.
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Anthony Kimprofile
Dale Maglalang

I am a T32 NIH/NHLBI postdoctoral research fellow at the Stanford Prevention Research Center at Stanford University, School of Medicine. My research examines the social, cultural, structural, and systemic (e.g. racism and other forms of oppression) factors that influence the health behaviors of immigrants, care workers, and the Asian American population. I am interested in leveraging mobile health technology and community engaged research to prevent cardiovascular diseases. I earned my BS in Human Development and BA in Asian American Studies at the University of California Davis, MA in Asian American Studies at San Francisco State University, and MSW and PhD in Social Work at Boston College.
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Uma Mahadevanprofile

Uma Mahadevan

I am an Associate Professor of Medicine in the UCSF School of Medicine. I am a gastroenterologist who conduct research in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD). I am interested in the higher incidence of IBD in the South Asian population in the U.S. compared to India and am focusing on environmental changes that may drive the onset of IBD in the genetically susceptible individual. These changes include dietary and hygiene changes after moving to the US as well as changes in the gut microbiome.
Affiliated websites:

Arnab Mukherjeamember profile

Arnab Mukherjea

I am an Assistant Professor of Health Science (Public & Community Health) at California State University, East Bay.  I also maintain formal research affiliations with UCSF, UC Berkeley, and UC Davis.  My research interests largely revolve around using community-engaged methods to understand and address health disparities among understudied Asian & Pacific Islander subgroups, with a particular focus on contextual and culturally-framed risk factors. My current studies are focused on understanding the myriad factors influencing unique forms of tobacco use among South Asians in the United States, and their contribution to tobacco-related disease in this population (including disproportionate burdens of cancer). This information will be ultimately valuable for comprehensive and targeted intervention strategies. I serve as a committee member on the California Health Interview Survey (representing South Asians), am a member of the Asian American Cancer Awareness, Research & Training's (AANCART) Training Core, and am a member of the Data & Research Subcommittee for Asian American Partners for Empowerment, Advocacy & Leadership (APPEAL).
Affiliated websites:

Supriya Misramember profile

Supriya Misra

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Public Health at San Francisco State University. My research focuses on mental health inequities among immigrants and ethnic minorities. I use both epidemiologic and qualitative approaches to investigate the roles of discrimination, stigma, and trauma on the onset and experience of mental distress and to promote dignity and justice for those living with mental illness. Affiliated websites:


Mijung Parkmember profile

Mijung Park

I am an Assistant Professor and health services researcher in the Department of Family Health Care Nursing at UCSF. My program of research focuses on (1) examining the impacts of family on individual health outcomes among those with chronic conditions, and (2) exploring how ethnic/cultural variations in family processes may impact on designing and delivering health care services. I am currently conducting a randomized controlled trial to examine the efficacy of FACE program (Family-Centered Care program for older adults with multiple chronic conditions, K01NR015101). The long-rage goal of this study is to help older adults with depression and chronic conditions and their family caregivers better manage their health together. I am a member of the National and Local Patient and Stake Holder Council for the Stride study, a large PCORI/NIA funded pragmatic trial of fall prevention for older adults in the community. I recently was appointed as member of the American Nurses Association Minority Fellowship Program National Advisory Committee. I was an Okura Mental Health Leadership Foundation fellow.
Affiliated websites:

Van M. Ta Park

Dr. Van Ta Park is an Associate Professor at UCSF, School of Nursing, Department of Community Health Systems, and teaches in the Advanced Public Health Nursing (APHN) program. Her primary research interest is to address issues related to racial and ethnic minority health and healthcare disparities, especially among Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI). Her research areas include mental health, substance use, and intimate partner violence. Her current projects examine the barriers and facilitators to accessing mental health and related treatment, and the effectiveness of innovative and culturally appropriate programs to address mental health stigma and barriers to help-seeking. She was awarded the Alzheimer’s Association’s Mentored New Investigator Research Grant to Promote Diversity (MNIRGD). The purpose of this three year grant (2015-18) is to culturally tailor a program to reduce stress and depression among Vietnamese American dementia caregivers. Dr. Ta Park is also a recipient of a pilot grant (2017-18) from Stanford University, School of Medicine, Stanford Precision Health for Ethnic and Racial Equity (SPHERE) and SPECTRUM to develop and evaluate a Korean drama precision mental health curriculum among AAPI who speak English, Vietnamese Americans who speak Vietnamese, and Korean Americans who speak Korean. She also has several other studies investigating the role of Korean drama to destigmatize mental health and help-seeking. Affiliated websites:

Rena Pasickprofile
Rena Pasick

I am a Professor of Medicine in the UCSF School of Medicine and Associate Director for Community Education & Outreach at the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center.
Affiliated website: Minority Training Program in Cancer Control Research;


Thu Quachprofile

Thu Quach

I am a Research Scientist at the Cancer Prevention Institute of California, where I lead several studies focusing on the booming nail salon workforce, many of whom are Vietnamese immigrant women. I also work on community-based participatory research projects (CBPR) to characterize environmental hazards in immigrant communities. In addition, I am also Director of Community Health and Research at Asian Health Services, a community health center in Oakland Chinatown, where I work with providers and other community health staff to promote research that would inform practice-based and community-based efforts to address health disparities in the Asian and Pacific Islander population.
Affiliated websites: Cailfornia Healthy Nail Salons; Asian Health Services;

Vineeta Singhprofile
Vineeta Singh

I am an Associate Professor of Neurology in the UCSF School of Medicine.
Affiliated websites:



Judy Tanprofile

Judy Tan

I am an Assistant Adjunct Professor of the Center for AIDS Prevention Studies, Division of Prevention Science, in the Department of Medicine, at UCSF. My research focuses on HIV/AIDS and other health disparities among LGBT individuals of color.
Affiliated website:


Winston Tsengprofile


Winston Tseng

I am an Assistant Adjunct Professor in the Department of Social & Behavioral Sciences at UCSF and a Senior Research Associate at the Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum (APIAHF). I am a medical sociologist with extensive public health and CBPR experience with diverse and vulnerable populations. My research focus includes research capacity building and racial/ethnic health disparities utilizing mixed methods, participatory, and organizational approaches. I currently serve as Co-Chair of the Health Working Group of the University of California Asian-American and Pacific-Islander Policy Multicampus Research Program and past Chair of the Asian Pacific Islander Caucus for Public Health.
Affiliated website:

Elisa Tongprofile


Elisa Tong

I am an Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of California, Davis. My research interest is in tobacco control policy and cessation, with a special emphasis on Asian populations.  I am Co-Chair for the American Cancer Society's California Division's AAPI team, and the Research Subcommittee for the Asian Pacific Partners for Empowerment, Advocacy, and Leadership (APPEAL)..
Affiliated website:


Grace Yooprofile
Grace Yoo

I am a Professor in the Asian American Studies Department at San Francisco State University. My research interests include understanding the meaning of social support on a wide range of health issues impacting Asian Americans.
Affiliated website: https://aas.sfsu.edu/yoo-grace