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Handout-Healthy Weight Charts using WHO Asian cutoffs. Click on the Feet or Centimeter buttons for chart:

feet cm


講義 − 採用世界衛生組織 (WHO) 亞裔體重標準的健康體重圖表。
請按 ”英尺” 或 ”厘米” 來展示圖表:

feet cm


Handout-Talaan ng tamang timbang gamit and ang mga cut-off na tinakda ng WHO para sa mga asyano.
Pindutin ang pindutan na nagsasabing “Talampakan” o “Pulgada” para sa Talaan:

feet cm


Bản biểu đồ Cân Nặng Khỏe Mạnh của Tổ Chức Y Tế Thế Giới đề nghị cho người Á Châu.
Bấm vào nút “Feet” hoặc “Centimeter” để xem biểu đồ:

feet cm

Integrative Nutritional Counseling for Type 2 Diabetes

Chinese Medical Dietary - Traditional Chinese version
Biligual Traditional Chinese / English

Chinese Medical Dietary - Simplified Chinese
Bilingual Simplified Chinese / English



Vietnamese Nutrition &
Colorectal Cancer


Vietnamese CRC Fliphcart
Preventing Colorectal
Vietnamese Nutrition Flipchart
Eating Healthy &
Be Active

Chinese Lay Health Worker Project Promoting Colorectal Cancer Screening: Educational and Training Materials

Click on the images on the right to open PDF files.

Colorectal Cancer Flipchart

Trainging Manual
Colorectal Cancer Prevention Training Manual (English)

Colorectal Cancer Prevention Training Manual (Chinese)
Orientation Training Manual (English)
Chinese Lay Health Worker Orientation Training Manual (Chinese)

CLHW CRC Brochure
Colon Cancer Brochure

Promoting Healthy Nutrition and Physical Activity among Chinese Americans: Educational Materials

Click on the images on the right to open PDF files.

Lecture in English

Chinese Lay Health Worker: Nutrition Lecture

Lecture in Chinese
Chinese Lay Health Worker: Nutrition Lecture
Exercises and Tips
Chinese Lay Health Worker: Exercises &Tips


AANCART Research
Colorectal Cancer
Flipcharts & Brochures


Filipino Flipchart
Ilokano/Tagalog/Englsih Flipchart

Ilokano/English Brochure
Tagalog/English Brochure

Hmong Flipchart
Hmong/English Flipchart

Hmong/English Brochure
Korean CRC Flipchart
Korean/English Flipchart


English Brochure:

Electronic Cigarettes

Chinese Brochure:

(Electronic Cigarettes)

Vietnamese Brochure:

Thuốc Lá Điện Tử
Có An Toàn Không?

How to Prevent Colon Cancer
A Guide for Chinese Americans

Click on Colon Pamphlet

Use this search tool to find cancer information in Asian or Pacific Islander languages. These materials have been screened by the contributing organizations/programs for medical accuracy and cultural relevance.

Click on above
to search for different Asian materials in different languages

Click the link on the right to watch videos which discuss the importance of colorectal cancer and its screening and show how to do the stool tests in English, Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin), Filipino (Ilokano and Tagalog), Hmong, Korean, and Vietnamese.

Colorectal Cancer:
- FIT and Guaiac Videos

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